According to an article on the WHO website, they’ve been a sharp decline in the number of children receiving life-saving vaccines around the world.

The article which was published on the official website of the apex body on July 15, 2020, blamed the enforced lockdown imposed in different part of the world as recommended precautionary measure to curtail the spread of COVID-19 as the reason directly responsible for the decline, as these have limited immunization officials from moving around cities and neighborhood.

The world health body also warned that these disruptions could reverse hard-won progress to reach children and adolescence with wide ranges of vaccines considering that efforts in some parts of the world have previously stalled.

This particular article has raised many questions begging for answers, some of which are - is the apex world health body playing the victim for a lockdown they recommended? Are they giving excuses for why the world should be expecting more diseases outbreak in the future? Was this factored into the original equation before recommending the highly enforced global lockdown? Subjecting the vaccination drive of the WHO/UNICEF worldwide to a litmus test, just how efficient have these efforts helped in curtailing infectious diseases.