About Loveworld Television Ministry

THE LOVEWORLD TELEVISION MINISTRY is a special ministry of Pastor Chris, armed with the mandate of networking every home around the world with the divine presence of God through TV transmissions.
The Loveworld Television Ministry has grown from airing the flagship programs of our man of God Pastor Chris on only one TV Station during the mid-nineties to broadcasting now in all the continents of the world. Currently on over 465 TV stations and reaching over 180 nations worldwide; amongst these are stations with coast to coast coverage.

The Loveworld Television Ministry transmits the Monthly Edition of Global Communion Service, Your Loveworld Specials, Praise Night Services, and several other programs via TV networks in several nations of the World, our Web, Mobile and IPTV. Through the daily transmission of our Flagship TV programs - Atmosphere for Miracles & Pastor Chris Teaching, millions have been saved, healed and delivered into their inheritance in Christ as they received God's Word and the ministrations of the Spirit via TV right in their homes, offices and wherever they watched from around the world. These flagship programs transmitted by The Loveworld Television Ministry, bring God's vision alive to all her viewers all around the world and have become the most-watched television programs on all television network stations that we feature on..

The Atmosphere for Miracles with Pastor Chris, chronicles healings and miracles from our crusades and services as we take God's divine presence right into the homes of viewers while Pastor Chris Teaching unravels mysteries and deep Truths from God's word with a freshness that makes every viewer love the Word of God. Our aim is to increase our ever widening network of stations; this is our way of fulfilling the God-given mandate of taking the Gospel to every nation, city, town and village. The Loveworld Television Ministry also manages a 24-hour Call Center, which is responsible for receiving and responding to feedback on our programs around the world. Many have received salvation and healing just by contacting us through phone calls, text messages, and email. We are so grateful to our partners who have worked with us these years to bring God's Word and His healing power into the lives of millions around the world; through their partnership, we are lighting up the nations with this glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The partners of the Loveworld Television Ministry have consistently contributed to the growth we have experienced over the years.