Its often said that the beauty of the modern game is the cult followership of the fans. It creates aesthetics ambiance in venues where games are played. The vociferous support from the stands sends the adrenalin of the players pumping at the optimum level causing them to deliver peak performance week in week out.

The English Premier League recognized around the world as the most exciting football league, has in often time posted staggering figures from revenues garnered from the sales of jerseys and memorabilia around the world, not leaving out huge television deals with major sports broadcasting networks across the globe that fetch in turns of millions of dollars annually. These go to show the religious followership of the English game worldwide.

The aftermath of COVID-19 has seen the EPL return without the fans, this has created strange sights for viewers and the players themselves who are used to performing their craft in atmospheres of packed stadia.

Liverpool FC has claimed the EPL title after two decades of asking, and what was supposed to be a big moment in the illustrious history of a club with the best supporters in the English game, has now been blurred by the absence of the fans on the stands to cheer their heroes for a job well done.

The whole celebration has been hibernated because of social distancing, a measure recommended by the World Health Organization as a precaution against the spread of COVID - 19, Whatever be the case, the victory of ‘’THE RED’’ sure deserves a grand celebration but as things are, for now, every plan of celebration is on hold till when the world return to normalcy, indeed the fans are the beauty of football.