The outbreak of the coronavirus in China has cascaded into a global epidemic, with cases reported in

many countries of the world. Although the World Health Organization (WHO) are insisting that the

spread of the deathly virus is not at a pandemic level yet, considering the fact that it is still


But recent information circulating in the press in recent weeks has fuelled fear, panic, and

uncertainty in the hearts of many. The situation has taken a huge toll on the global economy.

Commercial activities are shrinking, schools are being shut down, sporting events have been

suspended and things are in freezing mood. Church services and events have been suspended in

some countries. As governments of nations are trying frantically to curtail the menace of this devilish


At times like this, it's important to remind ourselves of what the Bible says about challenging times

like this?

Psalm 91 vs 2 – 3 (NIV)

Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence.

Recently Pastor Chris drew the attention of the Church to the truth that what is

in circulation in the mould of diseases spread by a deathly virus, is actually

Satan’s schemes to destroy lives and the economy of nations. So as a child

of God, don’t be ignorant of the scheming of the devil, and don’t fret because

you have the victory in Christ; therefore you can’t be a victim.

Live every day with the ’’ more than conqueror’’ state of mind, because your

KIND is not susceptible to diseases and viruses.

Refuse to fear!