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The spirit of God has declared this year as the YEAR OF GREATNESS. Here we bring to you upcoming ministry events and update you on our special features ---

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Testimonies from around the world

Sometime in May 2008, I began to feel a crawling sensation on my left leg. I went to the hospital to carry out some test, but the tests revealed nothing. I was in despair and in dire need of help. In April this year, I heard about Pastor Chris’ broadcast commencing on AIT Network and I made up my mind to receive my healing. As Pastor Chris prayed for the viewers at home, I stretched forth my hands towards the television and received the prayer with faith. Afterwards, I sensed a cooling effect on my left leg and immediately felt something leave my body; I knew I had been healed. As the days went by, I noticed that I no longer felt the crawling sensations anymore. I am now healed. I thank you Pastor Chris.
-Testifiers Identity Withheld.

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